We all know the health benefits of daily exercise. Research shows that we need at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity every day. The good news is that you can just walk out your door and start exercising!

Why outside?

First of all, the air is cleaner. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that outdoor air is more than twice as less polluted than indoor air, even in the city.

Also, it’s a way to get your vitamin D. It’s produced in your body in response to sunlight. Vitamin D provides a healthier bone structure, balanced digestion and might play a role in losing weight. It regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and facilitates normal immune system function. So beware of D-ficiency!

Outdoor sport, especially in full nature, brings you back to a more natural biotope, which reduces mental and physical stress. Reducing stress is one of the goals of exercising, right? Less stress gives your body more opportunities to eliminate toxines, what more to say?

Doing sports outside is good for nature. It demands no air conditioning and no electricity, thus no extra pollution. Show some love for mother earth! 

Going to the gym is one option, but also make outdoor exercise part of your lifestyle!

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 Because as you know … lifestyle is eternal …

Ilse Schouppe

Osteopate Ilse Schouppe is gespecialiseerd in structurele en viscerale osteopathie, en behaalde volgende diploma's: Bachelor of Science honours degree in Osteopathy D.O. en Personal Coach CE. Ilse is de oprichter en actieve medewerkster van Vidafeels te Dilbeek.